Located between the popular holiday resorts around the world, it is located in the southern coastal region of Kemer in Antalya province of Turkey and 43 Located km west. Turkey's most important resort and tourist area which is very easy access to the Belt.

Kemer, Antalya Airport How to Contact Us?

The easiest way to start your perfect vacation transportation Kemer reach no matter where in Turkey's Antalya Airport is. Antalya Airport to the city center 13 Km away, The Belt 57 Km away. in consultation with a tour company or one day before arrival to Antalya airport you can reach an agreement Belt. Or moving from Antalya Airport 600 No. of riding city buses to the bus station in Antalya Kemer you'll be able to ride the bus moving belt to your belt, you can begin a perfect holiday transportationand.

Kemer, Antalya Airport Bus with Us How?

If you do not have to be a burden and distress many times more tools to change the options you can choose the bus to reach Kemer in a comfortable way. primarily from a paid service with limited hours and Havas moving service from Antalya Airport or number 600 You can now Antalya bus terminal with the bus line. during the day from the bus station you will find buses to Antalya Kemer. When you get to the bus in the district of Kemer bus station if you want to take advantage of the free service you can reach the bus station Belt.

Kemer Antalya Airport by taxi How to Contact Us?

If you want to provide transportation by taxi at the airport in Antalya Kemer, Antalya Airport 7/24 You can reach taxi. 1 and about an hour ride 55 You can perform your journey at a price as Euro.

Kemer, Antalya Airport Shuttle (Shared Transfer) How to Contact Us?

single fee after landing about Antalya Airport 45 Shuttle vehicles, which can be accessed in a relaxed way per Belt. Shuttle vehicles that are based at specific time intervals. When you are finished with your flight record easily expect that you will find Shared Transfer tool or you can make a reservation prior to your trip.

Kemer in Antalya Airport Tranfer How Do I Contact?

Before starting your trip, you can book airport transfers, such as companies engaged in the tool you want from Bravo Transfer. Your journey ends when your car will be waiting for you and you can just belt with a more affordable price means that you. You can change your car based on your number of people. Bravo Transfer economical car prices for Belt transport 120 It is £.

Kemer, Antalya Airport How to Rent a Car?

Before starting the journey Rent A Car is the most appropriate tool for you and your budget you can choose from the company in a comfortable way. You find every budget and possible optional tools. Approximately 20-25 car rental fees from prices as the euro starts.

Antalya Airport Kemer How do I rented chauffeured car?

If you want to hire a chauffeured car out of all the options that you choose to be at your vehicle can be rented daily or weekly pricing based on vehicle. Chauffeured car rentals choices you will still be difficult to find a suitable tool for every budget. From the airport by car you can reach every point in space comfortable and reliable way you want during your vacation time.

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