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Tekirova Kemer district of Antalya depends on the natural beauty and is a holiday resort with beautiful hotels from each other. Tekirova because it is an important resort of Kemer in the summer is to embrace many local and foreign holidaymakers. Turkey and the world that provide transportation of people from all of the locals is a busy area Tekirova. That's why Tekirova transportation ensure that it is quite difficult, especially in summer. Tekirova transportation Many of the people who will provide the Antalya airport, Many of the works to transport from Antalya bus station. But because they are foreign to the region not know how to make the most accurate way to transport tekirova.

How do I Tekirova Us?

1 – Minibus in Antalya Tekirova – One of the most economical methods. Antalya bus station terminal from the districts can take the minibus tekirova. But if you must go to the bus station before landing at Antalya airport. A tram ride from the airport down for this, about 1 hour ride with the bus terminal, from there you need to go to Tekirova with minibus. The thing to remember minibuses from the minibus will leave you to your hotel in Tekirova must pass down a taxi to your hotel. Bus Station phone : 0 242 331 12 50 – 51 – 52 – 53 – 54 – 55

2 – Economic Private Transfer – Although it seems expensive, although one is still the most convenient and comfortable method. and because it is not economical vehicle price paid per person 125 TL There's a price as. For reservation 0532 278 46 66

3 – VIP Private Transfer – VIP car with a top service porta. UBER – They give a similar service careem, They work with but not instant booking system. 6 -7 Double with VIP minibuses You're going to take you up to the point that you left the hotel and you pay a fixed fee for it. At current prices 165 TL . For reservation 0532 278 46 66

4 – Antalya Airport Yellow Taxi – Although it seems cheap at the airport if your goal is to go to Tekirova 80 Euro – 85 The dollar You will be charged with such a price. (This text establishes that by the time we wrote about 600 TL.)Because of constant dollars of Antalya airport it does not turn on the taximeter and prices in euros.

5 – Rent a car – If you take a long vacation, you can try car rental. Car rental day 25 Euro generates an average cost as. Reservation : 0539 449 43 83

Most of the transportation Tekirova Kemer region is not due to a direct tekirova. First tekirova transportation can be provided transportation after Kemer. Antalya is a resort town that most people holidaymakers and foreign visitors due to the region. Antalya airport from Tekirova 60 It kms away from Antalya airport landing and whether there are three options for people who want to reach Tekirova. These three options of renting a car, And transportation by private car and taxi transfers. Taking a car rental service Tekirova transportation provide reasonable but is more costly than other options. Taking a car rental service Tekirova transportation If you want to provide Tekirova also visit the locations you wish with your vehicle and your facility you will also like to see. Another option is to transfer private car before arriving at Antalya airport with a transfer company is necessary, you must agree and Antalya airport landing you after making chauffeur and by meeting in a private car are delivered to your Tekirova also expressed that point or hotel. This option is less costly than renting a car for the trip, but you can not do this you can do in the car rental service. Another installment option. tekirova to make transportation by taxi and private car transfers in the same position but may be the only difference between prices.

Antalya bus station Tekirova transportation There are four options for people who are going to do. These four options of renting a car, private car transfers, who are the bus and taxi to the bus station for Tekirova. Antalya Tekirova distance from the bus station 50 km'dir. Car rental service with Tekirova transportation providing people with the same cost and benefits available to people in the same way that provides transportation from Antalya airport. The only difference is the change in private car transfers edicek thing is the price Antalya transportation from the bus station and tekirova this price change will not be too big a price change. In the transport Tekirova to Antalya bus station by taxi will be less than the cost of transportation from Antalya airport. Meanwhile, because the distance is less than. The last option is to ride the bus from the bus station who attempted to Antalya Tekirova, Most people try this option is coming to Antalya. The only thing you need to do immediately after landing at the bus station to buy a ticket for the bus to take and provide your Tekirova Tekirova transportationand. The only negative aspect of this option you Tekirova at a certain point you have to make the descent and your reach with another way to get to your destination.

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